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teen living

find a sleep tree

find a tree near your house that you like, then you can adopt it and give it a name. Make it special to you it’s your own personal friend, and every night before you go to bed, look at the tree and say night sleep tree, have a good time! You’ll feel good and so will the tree

your darkest dreams.....

This is when everything goes wonky and you have a busy head, it’s probably when you are think about your life ahead of you! And everything and your head is banging, let out your BOOM BOX and express yourself! Go somewhere private, your room, or a field, or your hideout, and scream until you’re blue in the face, and scream until your eyes pop out of your head, keep going till all of your emotions are out… a great place to do this is in your car, with the driver too it’s plenty of fun!:)

make a dream list …mmmmm what do you want, what do you really really want

to go out with someone famous?
to be rich?
to get whatever you want?
or is it more about doing stuff like having fun with
your friends…and feeling loved and needed?

sing in the shower ‘it’s getting hot in here…

you know you love, you know you care, shout
whenever and I’ll be there’…. get lost in your singing

dance wherever you feel like it -
dance in your bedroom dance at school -
dance like whoever you dream you want to


look up at night, look at the stars - how many
planets and universes are out there - can you
connect to something, there must be
something, someone……..

r u out there

r u out there
do u sing
can u hear me
what d’you bring
will u watch me
will u care
will u stay with me
coz I know u’r there

you matter

say ‘knee how ma’ – means ‘how r u’ in Chinese
practice eating good and bad stuff
eat till your tummy hurts
eat cherries
drink water – it’s nature’s natural liquidiser
drink smoothies
drink hot chocolate marshmallows and double whipped cream

eat and water = energy
chocolate & cake = quick fix energy
smoking = no energy
apples & bananas =

key into you

this bits whacky but fun to try

ask your dad or someone to get a 1.5cm chrome nut from a builder’s shop and a piece of string, tie the nut onto the string, so it’s safe, swing it backwards and forwards gently THEN - concentrating with your mind - make it swing to the right THEN – focus on it - make it swing to the left, without moving it physically yourself – basically the energy of your mind can make it move…… if you can do this, try making it go in a circle - keep practising yes = right no = left found it = circle

everyone can do this just keep practising – don’t give up, it doesn’t happen straight away SO if you are unsure of something in your life, a decision, a person, something to eat or drink, just concentrate, swing the nut, and ask a question without trying to influence the answer – just remember to say thank you This is your own personal power plan – try it, you’ll be amazed…………

give it all you’ve got

show your smile   believe in yourself
hold my hand   trust in your heart
try your hardest   go for it hard
form a band   never give up
play it cool   stick with your mates
do what you love   & believe that you ARE
act the fool   the STAR
play the part   you really know you are

find an animal friend

& finally ramp up the

for everyone and everything